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Ecoplastomer®  is a 100% recycled content, circular replacement of traditional elastomers.

Ecoplastomer® is an ideal complete or fractional replacement of virgin elastomers, which will allow you to meet EU-wide and increasingly also global mandates for the inclusion of reusable product content into newly manufactured goods. 

Processing method is the same as for traditional elastomers, it is equally easy to implement in the mass production process.

It is the way to manufacture new products for automotive, construction, home & garden, sports equipment, or storage containers while at the same time reducing microplastic pollution, tyre rubber and plastic waste.

Only products made from Ecoplastomer® are fully circular: they can be recycled over and over again and keep the same original quality for at least 5 lifecycles. By remaining in use for so many years, they do not pollute the environment and reduce the need for more crude oil.

Ecoplastomer® will enable global manufacturers to transform their production process into more green and to provide their customers with sustainable, truly circular products. Density and hardness are similar to virgin elastomers, making it easy for companies to incorporate Ecoplastomer® into their products.

Here are just some of the advantages of using Ecoplastomer® in automotive, construction, sports equipment, playgrounds, household:

  • 100% recycled content cuts dependence on crude oil and frees up landfill space;
  • fully circular, easy to recycle, zero waste production;
  • quality on par with virgin elastomers;
  • lower price than traditional elastomers.

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