Circularity test of Ecoplastomer®: consistent quality through three recycling cycles

Circularity of Ecoplastomer

Ecopolplast introduces an innovative circular approach to critical raw materials. The 100% recycled circular TPE – Ecoplastomer® will reduce the EU’s reliance on crude oil suppliers for producing thermoplastic elastomers.

Made entirely of post-consumer recycled plastic and recycled tyre rubber crumb it guarantees independence from fossil fuels and significantly reduces CO2 and environmental impact.

Mechanically bonded 100% recycled content and no compatibilizers allow for full circularity of Ecoplastomers.

Recent tests have confirmed that Ecoplastomer® retains mechanical properties and integrity for further use in production over three recycling cycles.

This sustainable practice allows for continued utilisation of recycled plastic and rubber materials over an extended period, ensuring their longevity in production processes.

This way, we use recycled content in a closed loop, preventing it from going back to the landfill.

Supporting Circular Economy

Ecoplastomer® is dedicated to promoting circular economy by incorporating recycled materials back into the production cycle.

This not only helps reduce plastic and old tyre waste but also contributes to the conservation of natural resources.

The ability to recycle and reuse TPE multiple times underscores its potential as a sustainable solution for various industries.

Environmental and Economic Benefits

The use of Ecoplastomer® in manufacturing processes offers significant environmental and economic advantages.

By reducing reliance on virgin raw materials and minimizing waste, companies can decrease their carbon footprint and operational costs. This aligns with global sustainability goals and positions businesses as leaders in environmental stewardship.

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