Successful coating tests were performed on a product sample made of Ecoplastomer®

Ecoplastomer coating tests

Ecopolplast has achieved remarkable success in collaboration with Peter/Lacke Poland, in recent tests to cover an alarm box made from Ecoplastomer®

Innovative Coating Solutions

The products made of Ecoplastomer®, the first circular TPE made solely of recycled content, are being coated with coatings delivered by Peter/Lacke, who supply the automotive sector worldwide, in their new laboratory in Wrocław. The coatings are designed to achieve optimum results for the specific requirements of the industry.

Unprecedented Coating Test Results

These tests are the first of their kind for Ecoplastomer® product coatings, and the results have surpassed all expectations.

The product sample made from Ecoplastomer®, the first circular TPE made entirely from recycled content, has excellent paint adhesion.
Coated alarm box cover made from recycled content TPE
Сoated alarm box cover – silver black structure / black high glossy

Advantages of Ecoplastomers – 100% Recycled Content TPEs

Ecoplastomer® provides numerous benefits, including a significantly reduced carbon footprint and the promotion of circular economy.

By using 100% recycled content, it supports eco-friendly manufacturing practices and reduces the reliance on virgin raw materials. This makes Ecoplastomer® a superior choice for industries aiming to meet their sustainability goals without compromising on quality.

The successful coating tests highlight the versatility and durability of Ecoplastomer® and pave the way for broader applications in various industries.

The automotive sector, in particular, can greatly benefit from these advancements, as they align with the industry’s push towards more sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions.

Ecopolplast remains committed to innovating and providing materials that support sustainable future.

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