Ecoplastomer® achieves a 13% reduction in injection time decreasing manufacturing costs 

Ecoplastomer in complex automotive applications

Initial testing and applications of Ecoplastomers in the automotive sector

Our innovative materials have successfully passed rigorous tests in complex automotive applications. The manufacturer of technical plastic items has used Ecoplastomer® PP-70 to produce parts commercially.

“Remarkably, we achieved an almost 13% reduction in injection time for one component,” said Katarzyna Pokwicka-Croucher, Founder and CEO of Ecopolplast.
Automotive Applications: an Item Made from 100% Recycled TPEs for Automotive Applications
Ecoplastomers in complex automotive applications

Moreover, Ecoplastomer® maintains similar density and hardness to traditional (virgin) materials, ensuring seamless integration into existing manufacturing processes.

“This reduction not only accelerates production cycles but also significantly decreases energy consumption, helping manufacturers save on operational costs and reduce their environmental impact,” added Katarzyna Pokwicka-Croucher.
Traditional (virgin) materialEcoplastomer® PP-70
Injection pressure56 bar60 bar
Compression pressure54 bar58 bar
Dosage time2.6 s2.07 s
Pressing time5 s3 s
Cooling time37 s34 s
Complete cycle time44.6 s39.07 s
Injection time of Traditional (virgin) material and Ecoplastomer® PP-70

Environmental and Economic Benefits

With its 100% recycled content, our material significantly reduces the carbon footprint associated with traditional materials production. This aligns perfectly with the automotive sector’s growing focus on eco-friendly manufacturing practices.

Choosing Ecoplastomer® helps manufacturers meet their environmental goals and positions them as leaders in the shift towards more sustainable industrial practices.

Furthermore, the reduction in injection time translates to lower energy consumption and operational costs, making Ecoplastomer® an economically advantageous choice for forward-thinking companies committed to sustainability.

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