Ecopolplast launched the first circular TPEs pilot production line in Gdynia

Ceremonial launch of the circular TPEs pilot production line

On Wednesday, November 08, 2023, Ecopolplast launched the first circular TPEs pilot production line in Gdynia.

The factory in Poland is conveniently located with easy access and proximity to the international sea port and airport in Gdynia which allows for expedient shipping to international destinations.

The inauguration was attended by, among others:

Vice-Marshal of the Pomeranian Voivodeship Leszek Bonna, President of Gdynia Wojciech Szczurek, Director of the Gdansk Lodge of the BCC Katarzyna Dobrzyniecka and board members of Ecopolplast.

“Advancing innovations focused on recycling is crucial in combating adverse climate change. I wish Ecopolplast every success in achieving its set goals. I hope that soon we can proclaim that our region hosts a global leader in manufacturing circular thermoplastic elastomers within a naturally climate-friendly circular economy”, said Vice-Marshal of the Pomeranian Voivodeship Leszek Bonna.

Ecopolplast is addressing the increasing amount of rubber and plastic waste pollution by reinventing the use of recycled materials in manufacturing. Ecoplastomer® enables compliance with EU-wide and global requirements for incorporating recycled content into new products, demonstrating a tangible dedication to the circular economy.

“Contributing to the circular economy and incorporating eco-friendly initiatives aligns seamlessly with the strategic objectives of any contemporary city. It brings me great joy to be part of Ecopolplast’s production line inauguration in Gdynia. Best wishes for its success, and we look forward to its prosperous growth”, said President of Gdynia Wojciech Szczurek.

Ecoplastomer® ensures complete independence from fossil fuels and significantly reduces environmental and CO2 impact.

“I wanted to create a solution that enables to re-use all the discarded materials. And we did it. Our innovative patented technology creates strong bonding of rubber and plastic without chemical additives or stabilisers, which makes the Ecoplastomers fully circular”, said Katarzyna Pokwicka-Croucher, Ecopolplast Founder and CEO.