Green Alley Award 2024: Ecopolplast is the finalist for their efforts in driving Europe’s circular economy forward

Circular TPE. Green Alley Award 2024: Ecopolplast is the finalist for their efforts in driving Europe's circular economy forward

Ecopolplast, the only Polish startup, is among the 6 finalists of the Green Alley Award 2024, showcasing an exceptional commitment to sustainability.

“Making it to the top six finalists in the Green Alley Award 2024 highlights our commitment to the circular economy. We are happy with the recognition of our innovation, which transforms the use of recycled plastic and old tyre rubber in manufacturing. This motivates us to work even harder at promoting responsible consumption through our circular TPE solution,” said Katarzyna Pokwicka-Croucher, Ecopolplast Founder and CEO.

At Ecopolplast, we developed a new and innovative technology that bonds recycled plastic and tyre rubber crumb and ensures complete independence from virgin raw materials such as crude oil. This patented technology has produced a new kind of circular thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs) – Ecoplastomers.

Only Ecopolplast offers TPEs at the intersection of full circularity, waste reduction and independence from fossil fuels.

Circular 100% recycled content TPE -Ecoplastomer®

Ecoplastomers are TPEs made entirely from recycled content and free from chemical additives or stabilizers, allowing any product made from them to be flaked and re-entered into the production cycle. This makes them the first circular thermoplastic elastomers available.

With our technology, about 100,000 tons of recycled plastic will be reintroduced into the economy by 2030.

“Through the Green Alley Award, we are determined to inspire and encourage others to pursue sustainable solutions. It is crucial that all members of the manufacturing industry prioritize reducing their dependence on crude oil and establish a circular economy for TPEs, as they are widely used in automotive and consumer goods manufacturing,” said Katarzyna Pokwicka-Croucher.

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