Production process
of Ecoplastomers - 100% recycled content TPEs

Our patented innovative technology for circular TPEs made with 100% recycled content is the result of extensive 6+ years of R&D effort.

Sustainable TPEs

The ability to bond our TPE components mechanically, without any chemical additives or stabilisers, makes Ecoplastomers easily recyclable and completely circular.

The production process begins with the careful selection of local suppliers to limit our footprint to the absolute minimum.

To ensure consistent top quality, we adhere to stringent industry standards and apply strict raw material control processes to deliver recycled content TPEs that meet industry benchmarks while reducing greenhouse gas emissions by up to 65% and our dependence on fossil fuels.

Manufacturing process of circular TPEs Ecoplastomers

Comprehensive technical and scientific support with circular 100% recycled TPEs implementation into manufacturing processes are the keys to our approach.


Connect with our R&D team

Contact our R&D team to explore the possibilities of implementing Ecoplastomer® into your processes and making your production more sustainable.