About Ecopolplast:
creator of Ecoplastomer® technology and advocate for sustainable manufacturing

Circular TPE used for complex applications in the automotive industry
About us

Ecopolplast are the creator of innovative technology and manufacturer of a brand-new product – Ecoplastomer®, the first fully circular thermoplastic elastomers made solely with recycled content that reduce CO2 emissions by up to 65% and save production costs without compromise in quality.

The company was founded in 2018 in Poland. Our mission is to reinvent the use of recycled materials in manufacturing. With the current annual generation of 400 million tons of plastic waste and 1 billion tyres thrown into landfills, this is a crucial issue to address.

Our goal is to reduce dependence on crude oil and establish circular economy for thermoplastic elastomers, contributing to restoration of environmental balance on Earth.

Ecoplastomer® - circular TPE granules

Ecopolplast actively promotes and invests in breakthrough technologies to transform the use of recycled plastic and rubber.

We strive to be at the forefront of full circularity, waste reduction, and independence from fossil fuels.

At Ecopolplast, we are unified in the belief that our project is to remain our legacy to our children. We are committed to promoting environmental conservation, reducing our carbon footprint, and building a better future for generations to come.

photo Katarzyna Pokwicka-Croucher

Katarzyna Pokwicka-Croucher

Founder and CEO


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