Ecoplastomers are a cutting-edge range of circular materials


TPEs with 100% recycled content

Ecoplastomers are  innovative thermoplastic elastomers made entirely of post-consumer recycled plastic and recycled tyre rubber crumb that ensure complete independence from fossil fuels and significantly reduce environmental and CO2 impact.

No chemical additives

Our innovative technology creates strong bonding of rubber and plastic without chemical additives or stabilisers. Lack of additives makes the Ecoplastomers fully circular. The output is a round pellet about 2 to 3 mm in size, which can be used in injection moulding machines that manufacture typical plastic products.

Quality on par with traditional TPEs

In recent injection process trials, components made from Ecoplastomer® have demonstrated comparable or even superior quality to traditional TPE alternatives. Density and hardness are similar, making incorporating Ecoplastomer® into standard production easy.

Circular TPEs available in PP and HDPE categories

Currently, two categories of Ecoplastomer® are available: with PP and HDPE. All composites exhibit excellent balance of stiffness, resilience, impact and UV-light resistance as well as dimensional stability. Custom grades are available to meet specific requirements.

Scent-neutralised - suitable for indoor

It reassesses how we approach the use of  recycled materials in product manufacturing, e.g. automotive, construction, sports equipment, home and garden or storage solutions.

Easily Recyclable. Fully Circular. Zero Waste Production.

With Ecoplastomer®, any product can be flaked and reintroduced into the production cycle. This way, the recycled content we use does not go to the landfill and stays in the closed loop.

Meeting Circular Economy Requirements

Ecoplastomer® allows to meet EU-wide and increasingly also global mandates for the inclusion of reusable product content into newly manufactured goods and make a visible commitment to circular economy.

Automotive part made from circular TPE and Ecoplastomer® granules

Download Circular TPEs Types Technical Specifications