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Ecoplastomer® is the only truly circular TPE on the global market that is: 

  • made of 100% recycled content;
  • easy to implement into standard production;
  • scent-neutralized, fit for indoors;
  • saving over 65% of CO2 emissions compared with production of virgin elastomers;
  • providing a significant reduction in production costs, as every grain of material purchased can be put back into production;
  • manufactured under technology universal for different kinds of recycled plastic and replicable all over the world.

Ecopolplast is the creator of Ecoplastomer and a mission-driven company; our goal is to contribute to sustainable development by introducing a circular product, decreasing the amount of plastic in landfills and reducing dependency on crude oil. We would like to be the advocates for responsible consumption by presenting how effectively a circular product can replace current solutions and convincing consumers that products made of recycled content are a much better choice.

Ecopolplast offers elastomers at intersection of full circularity, waste reduction and independence from fossil fuels.

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