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Ecoplastomer is a game-changing, brand new product category: 100% eco-friendly, it is an elastomer of excellent quality that reassesses the way we approach the use of recycled materials in manufacturing. 

Ecoplastomer is made of recycled tyre rubber crumb and post-consumer recycled plastic, which allows for complete independence from virgin raw materials and limits any damage to the environment. This makes Ecoplastomer the greenest TPE available globally.

Ecoplastomer is fully circular: it can be recycled and reused multiple times without any loss of its properties. Any product made of Ecoplastomer can be flaked and the material re-introduced into the production cycle with the exact same mechanical properties and result as original material. 

Our technology creates strong bonding of rubber and plastic without chemical additives. The output is a round pellet about 2 to 3 mm in size, which can be used in injection moulding machines that manufacture typical plastic products. All composites exhibit excellent balance of stiffness, resilience, impact and UV-light resistance as well as dimensional stability. Production process is pollution-free, footprint limited to the minimum, rigid raw material control processes are in place to ensure repeatable top quality. 

Currently there are two categories of Ecoplastomer available: with PP and HDPE.

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